[+O] a multi-disciplinary collective that aspires to be a fluid entity that is constantly evolving. It is a platform for people of different background to explore, create and share thoughts together.


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24-27 Sept 2009
ROOMING MY WORLD - When Invading Memories meet Whatdoyouwanttobe, Strange•R?

Showing at 100%Design, Designersblock, London Design Festival 2009! Find out more: Rooming My World

now showing at SINGAPORE SUPERGARDEN , the 11th Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition.

[   ]

1. a parameter
2. a platform


1. to put into practice
2. to add ; to fill ; to include


1. the absence of any or all units under consideration; an empty space to allow for all things possible.
2. an intermediate between positive and negative values; an in-between ; circular movement of 2 opposites.
3. a shape that implies a non-hierarchic holistic synergy.