...and...today's 1st Prize is...
a project in progress @ SINGAPORE SUPERGARDEN at the 11th Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition.

concept by lwl, lei & Lim Woan Wen

What is it?

This ongoing project is a game of chance, which we have devised that is formulated by numbers, to explore methods of a non-hierarchic multi-disciplinary collaboration. With this game, we are attempting to grow a work or several works or ultimately, several works into one single work, that is determined by an uncontrollable external force and embodying this force into works of different expressions.

The weekly 4-digit lottery numbers drawn by the Singapore Pools is chosen as the life source of this creation for its self- generating nature and our desire to embody the grassroots culture in Singapore in this work.

Why do it?

* To discover methods of a non-hierarchic multi-disciplinary collaboration.

* We have been wondering about the idea of authorship in creative works...

* Using chance operation to open up creative possibilities that we are not consciously aware of.

What have we been doing?
1st stage - translation of numbers

Different creatives are invited to contribute their interpretations of numbers 0 to 9 in a series.

These numbers can be translated into different mediums such as: space, graphics, film, sound, poem, photography etc (not necessarily bounded by defined disciplines). Different ‘rules’ are formulated for the translation to take place by each individual. The creator's role, thus become translator of the numbers; translating numbers into expressions that can communicate beyond the number itself. The translations although may seem uniquely different from each other, expressing different thoughts, however origin from the same source which is the number itself.

2nd stage - combinations and permutations

Each translated series can be seen independently or as layers that can be combined and permuted into more complex works. Different layers of translations e.g. sound and images can be superimposed to form a more rounded experiential narrative etc. Therefore the set of numbers e.g. 1234 can become a sound and image presentation for example.

The possibilities can be numerous.

3rd stage - public participation

We would like to involve the public at this stage for the 1st layer of combinations to take place. To do that, we have devised the 'Combination Chuner' (see blog for more details)

The public is invited to participate in the work by picking out interpretations from the pool of translations in the respective Churner according to the 4-digit winning numbers every Sunday from Singapore Pools.

They will then paste their 4-digit interpretation on the postcard provided and post via mail to us.

These returned postcards will be consolidated on our website in the sequence of the postcards received to gradually form a collective narrative.

4th stage - revelation of the numbers

This larger narrative shall be interpreted into completed works in different forms. Perhaps in the form of a book or a short film or a performance or an installation, which shall be informed by the postcards received.