Hide & Seek
Using the childhood game “Hide & Seek” as an allegory of this project, it intends to explore opposing emotions in us from multiple points of view in response to the forces generated by a larger environment that encompasses us.
exploration in progress

It seeks to explore the displacement of self in a larger environment to the displacement of self within self and everything in between.

It is a game of hide & seek with oneself as displacement takes place; a discovery and rediscovery of self in regards to the environment.

This project is an on-going self-experiential process to be translated into the artwork itself; It is an exchanged (opposite) experience where each displaces oneself in a foreign place with a foreign language and make it home for a substantial period of time. We then rediscover ourselves again in our familiar environment. It is no longer a simple pair of opposites but a multiple relationships of opposites which we are exploring.

At this moment, the ‘ game’ of Hide & Seek intends to take form as a pair of books in conversation. The action of flipping the pages is intended to be a travel in space-time, navigated by how the pages combine and permutate. It intends to study duality as an entirety from several layers of ‘opposites’. Ultimately, we might discover that these opposites are flip sides of the same coin.

Subsequently it hopes to take form in the body of a spatial installation.