Rooming My World - when Invading Memories meet Whatdoyouwanttobe, Strange•R?
An artist-in-residence's work@Tokyo Wonder Site for Singapore Arts Festival2009 & London Design Festival2009
Design Methodology, Photography, Space Installation

• conceptualised by Chu YinHua & lwl
• Strange•R developed with Jasmine
• assisted by minmin & lisa

This project ‘Invading Memories’ started from March 2009 during YinHua's artist residency in Tokyo Wonder Site, and will continue until July 2009. She took a picture every four hours (10h/ 14h/ 18h/ 22h) everyday, chose and staged one small figure according to her personal response to the surroundings.

Her ‘everyday activities’ have been documented in different cities: Tokyo, Taipei, Paris, Singapore and London. To keep this photographic diary while constantly traveling between different cities, this project shows the relationship between one’s identities and the physical environment of cities

This project ‘What do you want to be, Strange•R?’ started from Feb 2009 for the Singapore Arts Festival Installation during lwl's artist residency in Tokyo Wonder Site.

This project is devised as a ‘game’ which involves co-creation between strangers operating remotely at different parts of this process. The entire process of the game will result in the birth of objects known as Strange•R, formed by the encounter between Strangers who have taken on different roles in the game.

The term Strange•R comes from the word stranger. A Strange•R is an everyday object which once was familiar but now seems strange, having random words derived from the dreams and experiences of the people in the city applied on them, through a devised Methodology*.
R is Re-live, Re-born, Re-use, Re-visit, Re-learn, Re-think, Re-create, Rejoice, Relationships…

These diverse interpretations will see the transformation of everyday objects into something that can be reapplied into our daily life in a renewed way. At the same time, they will assume characters that tell of the stories of our city.