M1 Singapore Fringe Festival
Space Installation

• space by lwl

A collaborative performance with Pianist Shane Thio and Choreographer Kuo Jing Hong for M1 Fringe Festival 2005.

Using the music of Arnold Schoenberg’s 6 Little Piano Pieces as a basis, the artists responded to one another.

The music score was translated into spatial notation where time of each note was converted into distance in space. This can be described as a Time Map of the score. The notes are represented by small wooden blocks placed onto the time map according to its pitch. This allows the choreographer/dancer to interact with the original music score spatially. As the she moves, she changes the music score. Therefore, at the end of the show, she would have destroyed or recomposed a new music score.

One of the intentions for this installation is to remove as much of artist’s gesture as possible. Also creating allowance for it to grow. Therefore, the approach is to create a system solely shaped by the score and nothing else, its life can then be fed by external factors like dance movement and sound.