Sound Seed Project
An artist-in-residence's work for Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts 2008. Presented by The Esplanade at The Esplanade Theatre Studio.
Lighting, Interactive Multimedia, Space Installation

lighting by Lim Woan Wen
interactive multimedia by Lei
space by lwl

Sound Seed Project is a multimedia performance in collaboration with electronic musician Lim Giong and sound designer Jeffery Yue, with lighting designed by Woan Wen, interactive multimedia by Wen Lei and space installation by Weiling. In this project, we employed the action of 'planting'; Seeing ourselves as farmers planting seeds to grow a work that can obtain a life of its own.

From the beginning, Lim Giong's primary intention was to convey positive energy with his music in this performance. Thus the music became the life source of our work, where the environment grew from feeding on the energy generated from the music as well as the energy emitted from the audience and those who were present in the space.

Physically, seeds were planted in the same space during our jamming sessions until the performance itself. These plants literally fed on the air and energies of the music and the people around. Audience were invited to bring home the plants and to plant their own seeds in the space for subsequent audience. They were also invited to draw their seeds of positive thoughts that ware later used in the interactive multimedia during the performance.

The environment was planned spatially using an interactive programme that generated images in response to the volume and pitch of the music. This program was later modified and used in generating images during the performance itself.

One of the main explorations was also to discover ways to extend the three-dimensionality of projected images onto an experiential space where lights, projected images and physical space become a single entity.

This footage was taken during a performance at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, as part of Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts 2008.