APEC: Singapore Showcase
Creative Direction, Interactive Installation, Maplet

conceptualised & designed by lwl & lei,
identity & motion graphics by Foreign Policy Design
third eye & maplet by yinhua
managed by bixia
design assisted by minmin

Telling a Story of Singapore

This project is a series of reactive installations that are conceived for APEC 2009 to tell the stories of Singapore.

These installations are planted within already assigned spaces and scheduled routes such as toilets, corridor and relax lounges. The content and stories to be conveyed are attached electronically to related artifacts of the everyday identified by iconic human figurines that are representative of the spectrum of people and aspects that contribute to the everyday of Singapore.

Information and stories about Singapore are triggered incidentally from the installations as the delgate carry out their routined activities... a story of our water is told as they turn on the tap to wash their hands, a story of a night out as they peep into a peep hole, a story of a life in HDB is told as a book is placed on the table....

The travel within the event space for each delegate can be seen as their own journey to connect story parts into a larger story depending on how they travel and use the space.