0501, Victoria Theatre, Singapore
Presented by The Finger Players
Space Installation, Light Installation
President Design Award,
Design of the Year

• light by Lim Woan Wen
• space by lwl

0501 is a collaborative project consisting of 11 individuals of different disciplines in the arts. Each was given 5mins (which was not really quantified by clock time) to present their work and hence the name. It started off as a series of workshops and discussions. Within the span of a year, everyone took turns to conduct the workshops, and works of different nature eventually evolved. These works were later weaved into a single performance presented at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore from 5-7 April 2007.

系: web

系 (xi) is a space installation conceived as part of 0501.

This piece of work is based on a quest to explore the idea of authorship and to develop a work that can attain a life of its own by manifesting itself through the invisible energies and dynamics around it, akin to how living things would grow in our world. The designer here seeks to become one who merely plants and cultivates the idea, sets the parameter and system for a life to grow where allowance can be given to its own intrinsic nature and the dynamics around it to participate in its becoming. This is also based on the belief that there are many invisible complex systems that make everything fall perfectly into place in our seemingly chaotic world. Therefore chance and coincidence are not exactly chance and coincidence but merely part of these forces and systems that are invisible to us. On this level, this work attempts to allow chance to dictate. Gesture of the author is intentionally avoided to allow the intrinsic system of the work to surface. In other words, the work attempts to embody the invisible and to trace complex relationships. Hopefully it can also become an active participant in the dynamic world.

growing the web

Adopting the body of our childhood game, the paper cup phones and the nostalgic provision shop money tin on pulleys, the body of this work consists of a modular set of line with 2 tins at both ends held up by pulleys. When one end is pulled or pushed the other end will react. On the practical level, this work serves as a communication system. A line is formed when someone leaves his or her cove/world to leave something for someone else. When a line is formed, it serves as a letterbox where someone known or unknown can leave an object or a message for the person who created the line and vice versa. Therefore ultimately it becomes a web of constellations that traces movements and inherent relationships between people that can grow with time. Ultimately, the web of lines makes a larger world that encompasses all of the isolated worlds of each individual as a single whole physically.